The Fall of the Berlin Wall



Fortunately as years passed, the tensions between the Western democratic nations and the Soviet Union began to ease.



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The Berlin wall symbolized a clash between good and evil during the cold war. This walls purpose was to keep away spies. The unfortunate thing that this had caused, is the fact that the lifestyles were different among the people. Some of them suffered from poor housing, food shortages, low wages and 25% of the industrial output went to the Soviet Union. East Germany did not see any hope of improvement as the 60’s were approaching. Many of the East Germans left and went to West Germany in order to change their lifestyle. There were times that people would try to go over the wall or underneath. Some had died while trying to accomplish this. As the cold war began coming to its end, the East Berlin communist party declared a change in their relationship with the West in November 9, 1989. There were more than 2 million people who visited the wall to see it crumble down and participate in the festivities that were happening. This was a very glorious day and one that will always be remembered.


Announcement of wall is made in the London Herald


Fall of the Berlin Wall





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