Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan


Soviet Forces- see link attached


The invasion began in December of 1979. When the troops from the Soviet Union came to Afghanistan, in order to support the Afghan communist government. They were here to aid in the fight against the anti-communists, the Muslim Guerrillas. The country was already in war, and the Prime Minister Hazifullah Amin wanted to make changes, which did not sit well with the Mujahdeen. The changes were geared towards a more western slant and doing away with Muslim traditions. This caused a lot of ruckus amongst the Muslin leaders which had caused imprisonment, and many had left to join the Guerilla Force due to this happening. In late December, Amin was shot by the Russians and replaced with Babrak Karmal. When he took this position as leader, many of the Afghan soldiers did not like his leadership and left to join Mujahdeen. This of course, did not sit well with Karmal, because he needed support in order to stay in power.


Soviet invasion at Afghanistan



This was one of the planes that was used by Afghanistan. Unfortunately it was destroyed by the Soviets.







The Soviet Troops were withdrawing from Afghanistan


In the 1980’s, the Mujahdeen was able to obtain 75% control over Afghanistan. They managed to accomplish this, even though they were up against a very power military that ranked 2nd in the world. Mikhail Gorbachev finally came to his senses and pulled his troops out. He knew that they did not stand a chance of winning this war.


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