President Reagan & Gorbachev Resolve Removal of Nuclear Missiles



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Reagan and Gorbachev had gone back and forth to reach a compromise on the INF Treaty. This treaty consisted of elimination of their intermediate range and shorter range missiles. It also required the destruction of the parties ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles, with ranges falling between 500 and 5500 kilometers as wells as their launchers. This had to be done within three years after the treaty became full force. The US has spent a lot of time negotiating with NATO in order to get the following conditions met such as: equality in limits for both countries, be strictly bilateral while excluding the British and French, limit systems on a global basis, not interfere with NATO’s defense capability and to be able to be verifiable. The US and Soviet Union wanted certain negotiations to be conducted by a single delegation from each side, when it came to defense and space, START, and INF talks. After going back and forth a few years negotiating, the two countries finally had reached an agreement. They both signed this agreement on December 8, 1987. The purpose of this treaty was designed to eliminate all declared INF systems entirely within three years of the Treaty’s entry into force. While making sure that both countries were compliant with the total ban on possession and use of these missiles.


Reagan and Gorbachev at a meeting held in the oval office on December 9th, 1987 during the Washington Summit



INF Treaty being signed by Gorbachev & Reagan



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