ICBMs 1980s

U.S. Department of Defense estimation of Soviet Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile strength in the1980’s


Some additional important events that occurred in the Cold War in the 1980’s are:


  • 1980– Ronald Reagan elected
  • 1983– Reagan reveals Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) plan
  • 1985– Gorbachev assumes power in the Soviet Union
  • 1986– Gorbachev ends economic aid to Soviet satellite countries, US/Soviets reach short-range missile agreement (Détente)
  • 1987– US/Soviets reach long-range missile agreement
  • 1989– Soviets withdraw from Afghanistan, China shuts down  Democracy revolt (Tiannenman Square), Poland and Hungary gain their independence, Berlin Wall falls, communist regimes fall in Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and Rumania.



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