Nixon Visits China




President Nixon and First Lady are enjoying the hospitality of China and a nice banquet dinner – link attached


Nixon was the first president to ever visit China, even though it was a communist country. He took a week in order to be able to establish some kind of diplomatic relationship between the United States and China. He was not the perfect candidate to visit due to the past conflicts with the Vietnam War in 1971. The US and China has been bitter enemies and fought against each other in Korea during the war. In the 1960’s things had changed between China and the Soviet Union. There was a war of words and some border conflicts that strained their relationship. Nixon and Kissinger saw this as a great opportunity to try and change diplomatic relations with China. They also saw this as an advantage to try and convince the Soviet Union in responding to their request, of pressuring the North Vietnamese in signing a peace treaty that is acceptable to the United States. Once Nixon had made this trip to China, he was going to visit the Russian Leader, Leonid Brezhnev afterwards. This trips purpose was to drive a wedge between the two most communist powers. By the US doing this, they may have succeeded in having China as an ally when it comes to dealing with North Vietnam. The relationship between China and North Vietnam had been declining due to trust worthy issues. China had already been looking for another ally and the possibility of having a relationship with the US was great, due to the already strained relations with the Soviet Union. China had hope that this new relationship would increase the US-China trade.


President Richard Nixon and Premier Zhou Enlai are featured on the cover of Newsweek



Premier Zhou Enlai and President Richard Nixon review Chinese troops on February 26, 1972







In February of 1972, President Richard Nixon spent a week in the People’s Republic of China


8548-26A_Great Wall_Entourage

Nixon and First Lady visit the Wall of China




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