24/7 Strategic Air Command Nuclear Watch Started

Civil Defense drinking water

5 gallon container of Civil-Defense Drinking Water from the 1950’s

1959 Fallout Shelter

Civil Defense poster from 1959 encouraging Americans to build fallout shelters.


The United States found itself in an arms race with the Soviet Union, featuring the build up of intercontinental ballistic missiles armed with nuclear warheads that lasted into the 1980’s.

For more information about US strategic preparations for nuclear attack go to:





On the civilian side, large numbers of Americans were building personal fallout and bomb shelters reinforced, ventilated, and fortified with non-perishable food-items and  drinking water capable of insuring a family’s survival for months if necessary. This activity was actively urged by President Eisenhower,

For an interesting period video on civilian preparations for nuclear attack go to:



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