Yalta, Potsdam and the Truman Doctrine

Truman doctrine

The Truman Doctrine-Taking a worldwide stand against communism


The Yalta Conference was held in February of 1945, with the “Big Three”, Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin. It’s main accomplishment was to agree to divide Germany into four zones.

It was their first face-to-face meeting.

Big 3 at Yalta

The Big Three at Yalta


For a complete text of the Yalta agreement go to:



Harry Truman, who became U.S. President when Roosevelt died,  gave a speech to Congress in 1947 while seeking aid to Turkey and Greece (to prevent the spread of Communism), first spoke of the United States backing of all “free peoples” in the fight against communism.


For a text of the Potsdam Declaration go to:

Potsdam Declaration (click to view)

Potsdam was held to determine the terms of the Japanese surrender to the Allies, but it was relevant to the Cold War because by now President Roosevelt had passed away and President Truman, who was a staunch negotiator as well, hinted to Stalin of the existence of the Atomic bomb before it’s actual use, but Stalin already knew of it’s development through his own intelligence.







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