O.S.S. Forerunners of U.S. Intelligence


While World War II was still in progress, the Office of Strategic Services or O.S.S., were the forerunners of US intelligence. They worked together with the French Resistance fighters and British intelligence, mostly against Germany, but also against early communist insurgencies in various locations.

Wild Bill Donovan

William Joseph (‘Wild Bill’) Donovan, Head of the OSS (National Archives Identifier 6851006)


OSS operations in France

De-classified map of O.S.S. operations in France. (National Archives Identifier 6850964)


OSS operations India Burma

De-classified overview of OSS Intelligence and Operations, Far East Theater of Operations (National Archives Identifier 6850972)


WWII-era OSS insignia medal

Authentic OSS Officer’s Paratrooper’s Wings from World War II







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Philby stamp

1990 Soviet postage stamp commemorating Kim Philby, longtime double agent

Prior to, and during World War II there was a compromise of British intelligence, and to a degree American intelligence with the long-term and deep penetration of a Soviet double-agent, who had a prominent role in MI6 from the end of World War II up until the 1960’s. In fact, the mole eventually became the top man responsible for British-Soviet relations, and his placement insured that Moscow was aware of British and presumably American espionage efforts for almost the first twenty years of the Cold War. His name was Kim Philby. He was in operation from the 1930’s until the 1960’s and was even stationed in Washington in the late 1950’s. His decades of deception unraveled with the defection to the West of a KGB agent, who provided evidence of his and two other men’s involvement in a long-time Soviet spy-ring. British intelligence agents went to Beirut to interrogate him, where Philby was currently working as a journalist, and incredibly still working with MI6 part-time. He admitted his involvement and defected permanently to the Soviet Union a few weeks later on January 23, 1963.

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