Birth of NATO and the CIA

NATO flag from 1949

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) flag from 1949

NATO Stamp

U.S. Postage Stamp honoring NATO


NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) came into being during the blockade of Berlin, Stalin’s hostile reaction to the emergence and unified recovery efforts of West Germany, including the introduction of a new currency. It was a collective security alliance, led by the United States whose main goal was defending against a possible Soviet attack in Western Europe.


For more information on NATO go to:

NATO Countries

Map of NATO original countries


The CIA was formed to obtain and prevent the compartmentalization of intelligence for the national security of the United States. In addition to it’s intelligence gathering and espionage activities,  it later came to be used as a covert military arm of the U.S. government as well.

CIA logo

CIA logo


For more information on the background surrounding the formation of the CIA, including original documents go to:


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